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Jules Premus Concept Design

Rivets is my gay WW2 comic in development. It follows Rib and Loum, two rival airplane mechanics in New Jersey who accidentally fall in love while competing for the same job, form a radical alliance against their boss, and save each other from working themselves to death. But the two truly become bonded in blood when they plot to kill their boss after discovering he is arms dealing to the Nazis.

Art and story ©2024 Jules Premus

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Robert Cordero (Rib)

A radiant and athletic mechanic who is a little person. He is effortlessly fast at maneuvering the center wing and has friends in every department of the factory. He’s been holding down the fort after his dad and friends got drafted. But he’s also exhausted and longs to find someone he trusts enough to truly let his guard down.

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Natasza Loumènny (Loum)

An average-height welder who still makes the cutoff to audition for the center wing job. She’s an Italian-Jewish immigrant who is the “man of the house” for her siblings in New York, and is insanely devoted to doing whatever the boss asks of her. She is having some deep transmasc awakenings and longs to “love a man, as a man.."

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