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Hi, I'm Jules / Iguana !

I'm a character designer and concept artist discovering my love for gritty lineart, volcanic colors, dreamy emotions, paleontology and haunted swamps.

I come from a big family of NY Italians, and a lot of my storytelling style is drawn from the way that our ghost stories were passed down, and the times my cousins and I hid out in the marshes and pretended to be witches.

Now I'm a professor of Digital Animation & Illustration at Kennesaw State University. Before teaching, I worked remotely for Sony Pictures Animation L.A. as a character designer and layout artist on Young Love, an upcoming animated show based on the Oscar-winning short film, Hair Love. I've also been a character designer, prop designer, and layout artist on Marvel's Hit-Monkey, Netflix's The Liberator, and Bento Box's Best Fiends.


I have an M.A. from SCAD in Sequential Art, and I'm currently writing two comics - Jeno and Rivets. I'm also a big enjoyer of Star Trek TOS, Jurassic Park, Metal Gear Solid, Satoshi Kon, Lois Ehlert, and Shinichirō Watanabe.

Reach out for work inquiries and dino facts at!

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