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Hi, I'm Jules / Iguana ! (he/him)

I'm a character designer and concept artist who loves crunchy lineart, volcanic colors, factories and dinos. I have five years of industry experience designing for a variety of productions, including Sony Pictures Animation's Young Love, Marvel's Hit-Monkey, Netflix's The Liberator, and Bento Box's Best Fiends animated shorts.

I currently teach Concept Art and Illustration History classes for Kennesaw State University's Digital Animation department. Before teaching, I got my M.A. from SCAD in Sequential Art.

I'm a big fan of Metal Gear Solid, Star Trek TOS, Cowboy Bebop, and Infinity Train, and contribute to fanzines when I can!

In my spare time, I enjoy drawing comics about men who love men! Rivets is my main comic, a historical fiction romance about two rival aircraft mechanics in WW2. I post updates regularly on Patreon. Jeno, my comic on the backburner, is a fantastical comedy about a raptor necromancer fighting a paleontologist as he tries to steal bones from an Italian digsite.

Some of my artist heroes are Lois Ehlert, Yooichi Kadono, Yoji Shinkawa, and Shinichirō Watanabe.

Reach out for work inquiries and dino facts at!

Check out the Contact/About tab to download a pdf of my resume or CV.

Thanks for checking out my portfolio! :)  Let's make awesome things together.

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