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Hi! I'm Jules Mario Premus, aka Jules Mario.


I'm currently working as a character designer for Sony Pictures Animation on Young Love, an upcoming animated show based on the Oscar-winning short film, Hair Love. I'm also teaching Character Design and Digital Animation at Kennesaw State University. 

My previous credits include character design on Marvel's Hit-Monkey, Netflix's The Liberator, and Bento Box's Best Fiends. I have an M.A. from SCAD in Sequential Art and I'm writing a comic about raptors. 

Outside of work - I'm from a big Sicilian New Yorker family and I love pizza. 

I'm also really into Star Trek, 90's anime, Jurassic Park, the Venture Bros, Metal Gear, It's Always Sunny, and Genndy's Primal. 


Connect for inquiries and dino facts at