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Hi, I'm Jules! (he/him) 


I'm currently working as a character designer for Sony Pictures Animation on Young Love, an upcoming animated television show based on the Oscar-winning short film, Hair Love. I'm also teaching Character Design and Digital Animation at Kennesaw State University. 

My past credits include Bento Box, Floyd County Productions, Marvel's upcoming Hulu show Hit Monkey, Netflix's The Liberator, and the short film MINE premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival. I have an M.A. from SCAD in Sequential Art and am currently writing an original comic on the side. 

I'm also a big Trekkie! Some other things I love are Jurassic Park, Venture Brothers, Metal Gear Solid, It's Always Sunny, and Genndy's Primal. Happy to be here and looking forward to connecting!


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